Biomass Weight: 560 Gt C -0.1 E/MSY -0.07 PgC.yr-1

Total Planet Biomass:
(Gt C: Giga tonnes Carbon)

E/MSY: Extinction per million species per year

ABC (Above Ground Carbon): Peta gram Carbon per year

Without out a healthy ecology, Planet Earth is ultimately doomed as a flourishing home for intelligent life. It is really where understanding the ‘triple bottom line’ needs to start. It can then be the pivot for all abatement, mitigation and adaptation strategies. No longer can nature be an afterthought subservient to human kind’s wants and needs.

For this reason Ecology will be given higher priority than the other two as a starting point, since failure of the ecology will simply destroy the existence of the other two pillars of the triple bottom line, and render them meaningless.

Listing all the key factors, linkages, showing key indicators and estimating their impacts they are having on the biosphere seems to be good place to start understanding the total system.