Energy Flows, and Thermal Consequences

Global heat balance 0.00058 GW.km-2 +0.1%.pa Net average heat gain/loss

Upper atmosphere (G W.km-2) Giga Watts per square kilometre

Looking at the big picture of the total net effect of all energy collected, used, storage in the crust and oceans, emitted or reflected in the biosphere is mandatory to understand Climate Change itself.

Measurement at the system boundary quickly tells the observer whether the planet is heating or cooling. The complexity of all systems in the biosphere needs a simple, measurable phenomenon. The basic premise of the study of thermodynamics delivers the method. Defining the system boundary is the first step as every competent physicist knows.

NASA now measures the incoming solar radiation at the junction of outer space and the upper atmosphere including the rate of reflection, re-radiation to get a net energy figure in real time data. This is now done by satellite every second of the day and accurate to a square metre measured. This is the reality that skeptics focusing on convenient data often at a miniscule local level sometimes used to try to discredit Climate Science peer reviewed information and predictions. Thermodynamic data clearly shows up such ignorance.