DAGS Objectives:

Sharing information

Complexity inside the Biosphere incorporating human activity

Cosmic Thermodynamic Observation from Outer Space




Shared values of Site Moderators and Commentators

Our passion:

Creativity and instinct enhanced by collegiality and collaboration between individuals


Our quest:

Uncovering scientifically based evidence to reveal shareable truths for the wider community


Our focus/interest:

Positive and progressive insights for achieving sustainability and balance in the world


Understanding Difficulty and Political Dilemma

The DAGS understand the key cause of inaction at governance and corporate levels is that there is little validated knowledge readily available to form a consensus.

To qualify and quantify Human Impact on Climate Change is to better understand how complex it is to manage effective solutions. First, we need to identify the scale of interdependent factors controlling the state of the biosphere. 

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We invite submission and recommended corrections to the website by mail only and accurate identity of the sender. The comments received will be assessed and validated, moderated and may result in changes to the site. Eventually the site will be opened sourced that will take time and substantial resources to construct.

This site is not a blog. All information shared must be peer reviewed. Only bona fide contributors will be considered for information sharing. If you wish to make a contribution mail a request and a Moderator will be in contact.


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Any comments to be posted by mail: PO Box 6113, Swanbourne WA, Australia, 6010 .

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