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Current Global Population 7.719 Billion +0.96%.pa Total Number

Sustainability is a very complex subject. Excess population level is the obvious prime cause of creating an imbalance with nature via competent management of the triple bottom line factors of Sustainability. In 1987 the WECD a commission of UN Human Rights lawyers, defined this inter-generational terms. It was a concise start to the defining Sustainability. Since then confusion with societies around the globe has derailed the prime objective and restorative action. Creating an ethical balance with nature was the underpinning of this initiative.

However over time clearer identification of issues will rely on qualifying and quantifiable factors construct sustainable results. Updating data, identification of new linkages and indicators inside a systems analytic framework will eventually clarify the condition of the biosphere over time. Firstly, visitors to the website need to understand the scale of degradation of the biosphere.

The solutions sides of the equation will also be assessed over time.