Water, Oceans, Rivers, Lakes and Underground Resources:

Ocean rise 3.3 mm.pa +4.329%.pa

Ocean Level Rise: (mm.pa)

This all-encompassing study of Liquid H2O in all its forms is a study of a finite resource on planet earth and its thermodynamic effects through its complex relationships with nature and a life support for human activities. Without water we only have days to live.

The key indicator of Global Warming is the rise of Ocean levels. Related sciences on polar and glacial melt rates, increased evaporation, stream flows and ground retention rates all add to a thermodynamic relationship with the biosphere (both causes and effects).

This complex set of hydrological relationships will be peer reviewed analyzed here reviewed information presented here. The part this unique liquid plays in the life on earth and the health of the biosphere will be a key aspect of knowing the facts of HICC.